Dress for Success: Professional Athleisure in the Workplace Guide

Dress for Success: Professional Athleisure in the Workplace Guide

As the post pandemic world moves towards more office days and post work drinks, we are all asking ourselves how we can keep comfort in our wardrobe and still leave the house. One of the perks of working from home is the ease of getting dressed, and luckily most of the working world agrees that this should exist in the corner office too.

Embracing Comfort without Sacrificing Style

Athleisure companies, including Fourlaps, recognize the benefit of functional clothes in the workplace and have put a ton of effort into making garments that are both stylish and comfortable for work, home and the gym.  By using refined performance fabrics and adding high quality details, Fourlaps has re-invented what the workplace wardrobe looks and feels like.  

Modern Dress Codes: The New Norms

Most industries have realized that employees are more productive and therefore a better asset when they have freedom over their attire and time.  Polo shirts have replaced crisp button downs, and functional fabrics have trumped wool pants.  There is a push for polished garments that still look great, but offer sweat wicking properties, comfort stretch, and breathability.

Fourlaps: Your Go-To for Athleisure Workwear

The core mission at Fourlaps is to provide a comfortable and stylish wardrobe to our customer without sacrificing functionality and performance.  We have scoured the market for fabrics that function like you are going to the gym, but work for silhouettes that can go to the office. 

Take our best-selling Traverse Pant for example:   This five pocket pant is made with a sustainable four way stretch fabric that moves with you on your commute, stretches after lunch and looks great through happy hour.  Another favorite is the Radius Polo Shirt.  With all of the details of a classic polo, the radius is made from sweat wicking and odor resistant recycled polyester.  Style and functionality in workplace appropriate clothes!

Traverse Pant Radius Polo Shirt

Key Components of Acceptable Athleisure Workwear

In general classic workplace silhouettes still work best at the office.  Polo shirts, five pocket pants, slim sweaters and tailored jackets will always translate.  Taking these and making them in sweat wicking comfort stretch fabrics is where Fourlaps excels.  We know that there is still a need to look professional and we enable you to do that while remaining comfortable and dry.  Our Coolmax Sweater and Equip Pant do just this.  

With an athletic fit both are sweat wicking to keep you dry during a tense meeting or a first date.

Coolmax Sweater

Equip Pant

Athleisure Styling Tips for a Polished Look

If a full athleisure look isn’t your vibe try pairing the Coolmax Sweater with a pair of tailored trousers, or the Radius tee under a wool blazer.  Reap the benefits odor resistant and temperature regulating fabrics while looking professional.  The Traverse Pant is equally good with a  pressed button up shirt, or a cotton tee depending on the occasion.  Try the first look for the office, and the second for a casual weekend date night.

The Future of Work Fashion

As the entire world adapts to the new casual way of dressing for both work and beyond we can look to see more companies producing multi use garments for all life’s occasions.  If you look at the runway these days you see hints of this happening with hoodies layered with trousers and cashmere overcoats.  The world as a whole seems to be embracing a less serious approach to getting dressed, and Fourlaps is here for it.  In the coming seasons we are looking forward to pushing the boundaries between work and leisure even further as we introduce performance chinos and beyond.

Redefine Your Workplace Style

In a lot of ways the acceptance of athleisure in the workplace allows us to put even more of ourselves in what we wear.  The days of a “workplace uniform” have passed and a new era of polished comfort is taking it’s place.  It has made it possible for you to mix and match tailored pants with a casual tee, or a blazer with five pockets pants or jeans and be accepted in a variety of environments.  This new way of thinking provides an ease to your commute, office hours, gym time and whatever plans you have after hours.  If you haven’t tried the new casual workplace trend, what are you waiting for?  Comfort and Ease in your day is waiting for you at Fourlaps.

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For the perfect Fourlaps pieces to incorporate into your workplace wardrobe and beyond visit our commuter essentials collection.

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