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How to Beat the Heat During a Summer Workout

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Let’s face it: working out in the summer can be rough. By the time mid-August rolls around, the saying ‘no sweat, no gain’ takes on an entirely different meaning. Finding the motivation to hit the gym becomes even more difficult when all you want at the end of your day is an ice cold drink in a room with strong A/C.

But there’s another element at play here: working out in high temperatures can be dangerous. You’re more likely to suffer dehydration, heat stress and injury if you’re not careful. That doesn’t deter some of the world’s greatest athletes from pushing their hardest during the season, though. Nor should it stop you. If you arm yourself with the right information and gear, you’ll be able to face any workout - no matter the temperature.

1.  Hydrate in Intervals

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This may sound like old news, but hydration is one of the single most important factors of a healthy workout - especially in the summer heat. Though you may already know that drinking fluids is crucial for an intense workout, you might not know how much water you should be drinking, or how often. Turns out, sticking to a 30 minute drinking schedule is the ideal way to keep track of your hydration. First, drink a good amount of fluids (around 10 ounces) 30 minutes before your workout so you don’t cramp up mid-session. Then, if your typical workout lasts for an hour or longer, keep hydrated with a few sips from your bottle or nearest fountain every 30 minutes of your routine. And once you’re finished, keep it up by drinking past your quench point. For most of us that means refilling the water bottle once or twice. Drinking right after a workout is a great idea, but make sure to keep up the fluids 30 minutes after your workout has ended, too. Water is the best bet when it comes to hydration, but if you’ve just completed a particularly high-intensity routine (or water just isn’t your thing), go for an electrolyte enhanced sports drink instead.

2.  Wear the Right Clothes

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Though good advice for any workout, the right materials are even more important during the summer. Non-breathable clothing will become a deal-breaker for your performance and ultimate comfort. Look for fabrics that work to your advantage. For example, moisture-wicking designs pull moisture away from your body and towards the exterior of the fabric where it will evaporate more quickly. Plus, they won’t retain moisture and odor like other natural fibers. Gear built with moisture-wicking and odor-resistant fabrics like the Silver Charge Tee (made with XT2® Anti-Odor Technology), Smash Tee, and Dash Tank will help you stay cool and dry when you need it most.

3.  Listen to Your Body

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Really hot weather is no excuse to skip a workout, but sometimes scaling back is the right call. If you’re feeling lightheaded or dizzy, lighten up on the intensity. You can also alter your usual routine to fit the changing climate. For example, try breaking up your regular 60 minute workout into two thirty minute exercise periods. Or if you’re used to hitting the gym first thing in the morning, try a night time workout when the temperatures are lower.

Don’t let the hot summer months keep you from achieving your training goals. If you learn the right tricks and wear the right gear, you’ll be prepared for any high-heat challenge.

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