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Is anybody EVER ready to start something new?
Fourlaps CEO and Founder, Daniel Shapiro, shares his views on why everyone should Start Before They’re Ready.


 Meet Daniel Shapiro, the founder and CEO of Fourlaps and a veritable believer in starting before you’re ready and trusting your gut. A native of St. Louis and veteran of merchandising giants like the Gap and American Eagle, Daniel began Fourlaps to merge style and function in the world of men’s athletic apparel.

Whether you’re launching your own company or looking for your next great motivational source, we’ve asked Daniel to share his advice and lessons of experience for aspiring professionals and passionate athletes alike: 

As a business owner and entrepreneur, what does your average day look like?
There is no average day. I think to be an entrepreneur you have to love the unknown challenges. In any given day, I can be working on new designs and styles, dealing with shipping, handling customer service, and the list goes on. While the unknown can be daunting, it is also extremely exciting and motivating. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Follow your instincts, and trust your gut.

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What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur? What about the guy looking to add fuel to his training or workout routine?
I would say that if you want to start your own company you have to be prepared that it’s going to be difficult. There’s no easy or quick way to be successful. It’s a constant lesson in perseverance. The Fourlaps motto, Start Before You’re Ready ®, was born from the belief that whether with your fitness or professional goals, if you wait to begin until you’re ready, you won’t get anything done. When you start before you’re ready, you take the challenge full on. Taking that leap, I believe things always work out for the best.

Why activewear?
When I started my career in retail, there wasn’t any athletic apparel for men with a distinct point of view. I personally wanted to work out in clothes that were inspired by the greater world, something reflective of what people were wearing on the street. With that, I started researching brands, discovering new ideas and inspirations, and asking men what they really wanted when working out. Those steps helped to start Fourlaps. 

What’s the most exciting thing that Fourlaps is doing differently?
We’re approaching the design of athletic apparel in a very different way. Our line is informed by classic images of ivy league athletes, clean lines and bright colors. Everything is made with functional fabrics and fit in mind. We also make sure that the men wearing Fourlaps are not overwhelmed by too many styles or patterns. We believe in clean, simple and aspirational.

How often do you work out?
I work out between five and six times a week. For me, it’s not just about the physical training. So much of my work out is mental, and keeping up with my routine helps balance both of those aspects.

What do you want your customers to feel when they wear Fourlaps?
I want them to feel confident. I want them to feel as though they can push themselves to their limits and that our clothing helps them do that.

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Daniel Shapiro founded Fourlaps to create high-quality and well-designed functional athletic apparel. As the modern guy’s destination for athletic wear that is deliberately styled to fit your life and motivate your routine, Fourlaps encourages you to keep pushing towards your goal. Because if you’ve started, you’re already getting it done.

Want to see more?  Check out all the styles here.

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I’m 86 and I am “starting before I’m over”. been working out for 60 years and this is the best stuff yet

Bill Persky


Thank you for your persistence and motivation. I started running and working out again after purchasing some shorts from you. I ’ve gotten compliments on how they look and I tell them every time “they feel 10 times better than they look”.



Juan Aranda

Way to go Daniel


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