Rush Hoodie, Reflective 4 Smash Tee

Selects: The Best Gear For Your Sport

Model above wearing our Reflective 4 Smash Tee and Rush Hoodie

A lot has changed in the world of athletic apparel. Between better performing fabrics, modern designs and diverse fit and styles, choosing your athletic wear has never been so complex.

To make the decision a little bit easier, we’ve narrowed down our bestselling Fourlaps wear according to sport. Whether you train competitively or just as a part of your normal routine, we’ll help you find the perfect gear to help improve your performance.

1. Basketball

Hustle Tee, Red Advance Short, 4 Dash Tank, Grey Advance Short

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the right basketball gear. In a sport where you need to run, jump, and move swiftly around your competitors at all times, you need clothes that will move with you.

Flexible, breathable fabrics are key, and our-way stretch fabric is the perfect addition to any basketball lover’s arsenal. Designed to move with you like a second-skin, our Advance Short built with quick-dry four-way stretch will keep you pushing your limits.

Red Advance ShortLight Grey Advance Short
2. Running

4 Dash Tank, Bolt Short

If you’re in the market for the right pair of running shorts - look no further. Both Men’s Fitness and Runner’s World have singled out the Bolt Short as among the best running shorts for men.

According to Men’s Fitness, you’ll “experience a seamless run with these shorts that offer mobility, comfort, support and more.” Built in four-way stretch fabric and designed to hit at the perfectly non-awkward length, these shorts will carry you through your run and then some. They even come with an iPhone pocket and elastic drawstring waist to keep you going throughout your day. Want to fit in a nighttime run? Pair these shorts with the Reflective 4 Dash Tank to keep you visible while you hit your strides.

Navy Bolt ShortLight Grey Reflective 4 Dash Tank
3. Strength Training

Smash Tee, Advance Short

What if your sport takes place in the weights room at the gym? First, you’ll want a pair of flat-bottomed shoes to keep you level while you’re lifting. Then, make sure you’re dressed in breathable and loose-fitting layers. When you’re weight-lifting and strength training, it’s extremely important to warm your body up before getting into the meat of your routine. The Rush Short is perfect for this stage. Once you’ve started to break a sweat, continue training in loose-fitting and moisture-wicking fabric like the classically designed Smash Tee, or the Silver Charge Tee which is engineered with XT2® Antimicrobial Technology (yes, real silver) to keep your tee smelling fresh.

Heather Grey Rush ShortBlue Heather Silver Charge TeeRed Smash Tee

Though every Fourlaps item is designed for versatility, finding the right clothes for your sport of choice can make an impressive difference when it comes to comfort and performance. Grab one of these pieces for your next workout and get ready to bring your A-game.

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