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Start Before You’re Ready® with Anthony Crouchelli

May 21, 2018

Start Before You’re Ready<sup>®</sup> with Anthony Crouchelli

in conversation with founder & CEO, Daniel Shapiro

When you’re looking to start a professional or athletic goal, taking that first step can be pretty daunting. Most of us wait to start a new venture until that pitch perfect moment arrives -- which, of course, sometimes means waiting indefinitely.

Our Founder Daniel Shapiro knows that the right moment isn’t always going to come, but that doesn’t mean that you should put a hold on your goals. Daniel spoke with NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Anthony Crouchelli about launching his own fitness business, Anthony Crouchelli Fitness. Through his enterprise, Anthony trains men and women across across the country in various industries, from businessmen to theater professionals. He has developed his own 60/70TM training method and provides seminars for students at universities nationwide, including Carnegie Mellon, CCM and NYU.

In conversation with our founder, Anthony spoke about what it means to be an entrepreneur today and how he has learned to love the everyday challenges of starting your own business.

DS: When I started Fourlaps, it felt like everyday was a lesson in perseverance. What was it like starting your business before you were ready?

AC: Truthfully, it was exciting! I knew that I was going to start my company to create community, so each day felt like I was progressing towards that goal.

DS: What made you take that first leap?

AC: The first moment I realized I wanted to start my company was when I was finishing my soccer career and transitioning into the arts. I was on tour with a show at the time, and had the opportunity to provide high-level sports-specific training to an arts community that needed stamina to get through long show weeks. It became a match made in heaven, and today I am lucky enough to train both artists and athletes at a high rate.

DS: What did you learn in the process?

AC: To never take my foot off of my goals. I discovered that my company had the most success in those moments when I pulled through to send that important email or create a new concept when I was exhausted. Progression can only happen when we elevate the ordinary, and I am grateful that I continue to find those moments weekly.

DS: What advice would you give to other people who want to start a new passion project or fitness routine but aren’t sure when to start?

AC: Rise, grind, repeat. Take the chance and push towards that goal. Every moment you don’t commit, you will look back and wish that you did.

Anthony Crouchelli

About Anthony Crouchelli

Anthony Crouchelli is a NCSF, Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in full body plyometric based exercises. Anthony is currently a Master Trainer at RISE by WeWork, as well as the CEO of Anthony Crouchelli Fitness.

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