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About Us

Breaking Boundaries with Better Essentials

You move mountains and conquer obstacles every day. Why should your activewear be any different?

At Fourlaps, we're changing the game with standout, thoughtfully-designed apparel for men who aren’t willing to compromise on performance and style. Our mission is to deliver the best to help you reach your peak, at the gym and everywhere else life takes you.

We build premium athletic gear to fit your life ─ not the other way around. Our designs and technology align with your goals so that you can continue to go above and beyond.

Construction. Craftsmanship. Curation.

We set the highest possible standards for our manufacturing process so you can trust in the timeless style and durable quality of a Fourlaps design.


Using the top technologies available, we create each item to help you reach peak performance. This means moisture-wicking fabric for high-intensity training, odor-resistant tech for your sweatiest workouts and reflective logos to keep you visible on nighttime runs. Every piece is carefully designed to withstand and support your many pursuits.


Save speed for your workout. When it comes to craftsmanship, we believe that excellence is paramount. We’ve deliberately selected our vendors to meet the exacting standards of our designs The resulting materials are top-quality, carefully sourced, and ethically constructed for longevity and durability.


Less is more, and our evolving collection reflects our ethos of quality over quantity. If we're doing our job right, you won’t have to buy countless variations of the same item. Your closet of well-made, functional Fourlaps gear will follow you from adventure to adventure in the years to come.

The Independent Athletic Brand

Daniel Shapiro Fourlaps Founder & CEO

Daniel Shapiro has long been a champion for style and substance. With over fifteen years of corporate experience at popular fashion brands including Gap, Old Navy and American Eagle, he has cultivated a strong belief in connecting people with the right products.

Daniel was a senior-level merchandising veteran when his passion for athletic apparel began. But as his love of the training market grew, so did his disappointment with the industry’s lackluster offerings for men:

“What I was looking for in athletic wear just didn’t exist. The shelves were saturated with poorly made clothing in dull blacks and greys--or crammed with logos and neon.”

He searched for a line of activewear that was classic in fit, bold in concept, and detailed in construction. Soon he realized that to get what he wanted, he’d have to create it himself: a well-designed athletic apparel brand made for the urban professional.

Fourlaps is that vision in action--the union of bold and functional athletic design with expertly detailed craftsmanship.

Live without limits. With Fourlaps, every day is the day to Start Before You’re Ready®.