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About Us

Gear for the Grind

At Fourlaps, we make thoughtfully-designed apparel for guys who don’t compromise on performance or style. Fourlaps was founded in New York City, and every piece of gear we make is engineered to reflect the relentless energy and grit of our home. Our mission is to create versatile performance apparel that helps you reach your peak at the gym, on the run, and everywhere else life takes you.

All great athletes know that success comes from seizing the moment and being just a little bit faster, smarter, or stronger than your opponent. That drive to push limits and discover what you’re capable of is what inspires our apparel, and we’re committed to making performance gear that empowers you. You’ll never get anywhere by waiting for the perfect moment—that’s why you have to Start Before You’re Ready®.

Built to Last

We set the highest possible standards for our manufacturing process, so you can trust the bold style and durable quality of a Fourlaps design.


We use the best technologies available to create items that help you reach peak performance. From cutting edge fabrics that regulate your body temperature to odor-resistant tech for your sweatiest workouts and more, we carefully engineer every piece to keep you comfortable through the toughest conditions.


Save speed for your workout. Creating bold, comfortable, and functional apparel demands a patient approach to craftsmanship. We’ve selected our factories to meet the exacting standards of our designs, and the materials we use are top quality, carefully sourced, and ethically constructed for longevity and durability.


Our evolving collection reflects our ethos of quality over quantity. If we're doing our job right, you won’t have to buy many variations of the same item. Your closet of well made, functional Fourlaps gear will follow you from one adventure to the next for years to come.

The Independent Athletic Brand

Daniel Shapiro Fourlaps Founder & CEO

Fourlaps was founded by Daniel Shapiro, an entrepreneur with a passion for athletic apparel and over fifteen years of experience at major fashion brands. Although he loved training gear, he was disappointed with the industry’s lackluster offerings for men. He soon realized that to get what he wanted, he’d have to create it himself: A well-designed athletic apparel brand made for the urban professional. Fourlaps is that vision in action—the union of bold and functional athletic design with expert craftsmanship.