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"Pietro Boselli's Guide to Working Out (and Looking Good Doing It)"

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"Gear Review: The Best New Running Shorts"

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"The No-Fuss Guide to Looking Great at the Gym"

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"The Perfect Gym Bag"

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"10 Gym Shorts You Can Wear Outside the Gym This Summer"

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"Short Story: The Best Bermudas, Trunks, and More for Men This Summer"

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"Career Path: From Corporate Fashion to Activewear Startup"

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"St. Louis Native Reveals Spring Line for Men’s Athletic Wear"

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"St. Louis Native Daniel Shapiro’s Fourlaps Hits Its Stride"

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"5 New Brands That Make Stylish Workout Basics"

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Men's Fitness

"Best Running Shorts for Men 2016"

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"Fourlaps Is A Stylish New Athletic Wear Brand For Men"

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"The Best New Workout Clothes For Men"

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"St. Louis Athleticwear Business Has the 'Best Running Shorts'"

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"Fourlaps Converges Athletics, Ivy League Style and Modern Art Into Clothing"

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"How to Dress for the Gym"

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"The Most Stylish Joggers for Men"

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"What Run Oregon is Wearing: Fourlaps"

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"Stylish Men's Hoodies"

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"Catching Some Rays"

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"The New Performance Line You Need on Your Radar"

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"Daniel Shapiro Brings Fourlaps to the Race"

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"Clayton Native Launches Clothing Line Fourlaps"

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"Best Training Shorts for Men 2016"


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"St. Louis Native Daniel Shapiro Launches Athletic Apparel Brand Fourlaps"

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"The 10 Coolest Tank Tops for Working Out"

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"Fourlaps Brings a Refreshing Take on Athletic Apparel"

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"Fourlaps: Daniel Shapiro Debuts Men's Athletic Apparel Brand"

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